Brandon Knowlden

I founded Well Made out of a simple, yet persistent frustration.

There's a massive disconnect between the quality of things we think we own and the quality of the things we actually do own.


Insight & Strategy

As the world continues to move faster and faster, the one place we allow ourselves to slow down is in our own home. Inside our safest place, we all have habits and rituals that make us, us.

Well Made exists to help our customers celebrate these moments.


Product Line

At Well Made, our core offering is our minimal, contemporary line of home furnishings. When designing a product, we start by identifying a moment people are passionate about. Then we simply find a way to add value as simply and unobtrusively as possible.



Custom framing is very expensive and for many of us, an unnecessary barrier to enjoying our artwork. So we designed a product that simplifies the process by eliminating most of it.

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When we head out for the day, leaving home without our wallet, keys or phone has the ability to send our day into a tailspin. Rackless combines a floating shelf with a magnetic key rack to act as a focal point, helping you stay better organized.

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Visible vinyl

Every record you’ve ever purchased was first held in your hand, but when we put on a record we cast the album cover aside. Visible Vinyl was designed to help you enjoy your album’s artwork the way it was intended – right alongside the music being played.

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Custom Fabrication

Well Made designs and fabricates a lot of custom projects, but what makes us even more unique is our direct connection to our material. Through my brother’s tree service, Big Twigs, we handpick each tree while it’s still in the ground. A process we’ve trademarked, called Root to Retail.


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