Brandon Knowlden

Paper Music

I founded Paper Music Posters as a creative outlet after a long spell of client work had left me feeling drained.

What I didn’t expect was just how much fun it would be.


Andrew Bird – 18x24, 3-color silkscreen ↑

Andrew's home state of Illinois is at the core of this poster, pumping the lifeblood of his North American tour. Every one of his U.S. shows is represented by a vein. All typography was either hand-rendered or heavily customized.



" She fit like clothes made out of wasps. " – my favorite lyrics from my favorite Modest Mouse song, " Parting of the Sensory ". This poster features 500+ hand drawn bees and printed with a gold fleck paint.



Santigold's music fuses Punk, Reggae and Indie Rock with Electro in such an effortless way. Her music makes me think of all the energy and raw materials that go into making something as beautiful as a gold necklace – so I made her one. This poster features custom typography and gold and silver fleck paint.


Rachel Platten – 18X24, 4-COLOR SILKSCREEN ↑

Rachel has flowing, voluptuous hair and she has a song about being lost in the ocean. It seemed like a natural opportunity for some really fun line work. This poster was hand drawn, then scanned in an cleaned up.


The Ting Tings – 15X25, 2-COLOR SILKSCREEN ↑

Jules and Katie met while and an artists' community in England. They each had their own bands and their own thoughts on music. Only when their music began to overlap did the Ting Tings begin to take shape. This poster was hand drawn and printed with translucent ink.