Brandon Knowlden

Panera was experiencing stagnant sales amongst the fast-casual category’s meteoric rise – largely thanks to Chipotle. They were being lumped in with many others, when in fact, they had so much story to tell.


insight & Strategy

Did you know that Panera bakes every single loaf of bread in-house, every single night? Or that they keep tomatoes at room temperature, because they taste better that way.

These are amongst dozens of conscious decisions made every day, that really set Panera apart.


↑ Anthem – :60 Spot

This 60-second national broadcast spot launched the "Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously" campaign. Panera makes exceptionally fresh bread every day, in every bakery cafe. It’s not an easy thing to do, but that decision inspired other decisions. And those decisions inspired others. It’s a process that they’ve been repeating daily for over 30 years.


↑ Bread & Baking – :30 spot

Bread is at the core of what Panera stands for, so it makes sense that every loaf of bread is baked from fresh dough, every single night. This is not common practice and makes all the difference in the world. And its a process that starts all over, every single day.

↑ Place – :30 Spot

Ever notice how furniture is usually bolted to the floor at most fast food joints? Or that the seating is hard and somewhat uncomfortable? That's by design. Get you in, fed and out the door. Not Panera. They use real plates, real silverware and have a fireplace at every single location.



Panera Sans

As part of Panera Bread’s relaunch, they wanted something that showcase their love of handcrafting every detail. We suggested a purpose-built family of fonts, Panera Sans.


↑ Panera Sans: Regular

When building a custom font from the ground up, we started with a regular weight as home base. Honesty, simplicity and a bold and graphic look were core to the aesthetic.

↑ Multiple textures

In an effort to ensure that font maintained as much of a hand-rendered feel to it, we used Open Type encoding to swap in up to 3 variants of duplicated characters within a given word.


↑ 5 total weights

With the base weight and variants decided, we moved into filling out the family with 5 total weights.


↑ Optimized for digital

The detailed texture was more or less useless in the interactive world and did nothing but add file size. we stripped out any unnecessary texture and recreated the entire family, 5 weights, 3 variations per character for interactive usage.

↑ Texture fall-off

The intention was for this font to be used for everything from Out of Home to body copy. Which is why the textured edge was specifically designed to fall off at smaller sizes.