Brandon Knowlden

Product design

Housewares is a highly commoditized industry. Where cost-savings wins over quality in almost every instance. This recipe that has broken consumer trust and has left a gap in the market.


insight & strategy

By designing products that serve an actual purpose, the price a customer is willing to pay is based on the utility it provides and not how much we are able to undercut our competition.


STiiCKs – Magnetic framing kit ↓

I’m an artist. As someone who owns dozens of prints, custom framing is incredibly expensive. Not only that, but traditional framing is good for just one size print.

So I examined every part of a frame and stripped away everything possible. What’s left is a frame that simplifies the process by eliminating most of it.



rackless – floating magnetic key shelf ↓

At face value Rackless simply combines a floating shelf with a magnetic key rack, but this object is more than that. 

Your entryway is where you come and go each day. Rackless is designed to be a focal point, helping you develop what are known as “keystone habits”. By putting your wallet, phone and keys in a consistent spot, your chances are just a little better at having a good day.