Brandon Knowlden

Porsche is as much a religion as it is automotive superlative. The purists want nothing to change, yet the brand was built on progress.

So how do you stay true to the devout while continuing to break new ground?


insight & strategy

Porsche engineers automotive excellence, but that’s not what a Porsche actually is.

When you drop your foot to the floor or attack a corner, that feeling of complete and decisive control when surrounded by adrenaline? That’s a Porsche. And that’s our True North.



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Panamera Hybrid Launch

A four-seater hybrid sports car was supposed to be a contradiction in terms. However, every Porsche is the heart-pounding reincarnation of 30,000+ racetrack wins. No exceptions.



911 & 911 Turbo

The 911 is the tip of the Porsche spear. So much so that a new model isn’t even released each year, but only when significant-enough improvements justify it.