Brandon Knowlden

The rental industry has traditionally serviced tenants or landlords, but never both. This has always left both sides with a fractured and inefficient process.


insight & strategy

The moment a landlord or a renter begins their journey, they should have a simple, intuitive conduit between them.

The most important factor in this relationship the connection between two people.



A good startup has a sixth sense for a new way forward. What they often lack however, is translating that instinct into an actionable strategy or insight, or more importantly, a narrative. Fortunately, that’s what I do best.


Bad Renters

In this launch work for Rentler, we sought the achilles heel for landlords – finding a great tenant. Most landlords are willing to judge a book by its cover, but that’s a quick way to land yourself in hot water.


Good Renters

A great tenant is easy to overlook, but with Rentler’s offering, it’s much easier to get the whole picture. And the sooner you can get all the information, the quicker you can get back to what matters most – everything else.