Behind the Scenes

As Panera post-production winds to an end I thought some of you might like to see how we did what we did. everything was built from scratch and done in camera. In the end, we made a :60, 4 :30's and this Behind the Scenes. Enjoy.

How & Nosm NYC

This week I'm in New York City's Lower East Side editing the Panera broadcast work we shot last month. We're editing a :60, 4 :30's and at some point, a behind the scenes video. We're fortunate enough to be staying at a solid hotel right around the corner from JUMP, our editing facility. On the way to the edit each morning we have the pleasure of passing a giant How & Nosm mural. Killer work homeslices, killer work.


How to Build a Bench

Still in the shop. Still making a mess.

For my next act, I've designed a bench with concrete legs. Well, to do that, I need to build a mould to pour the concrete into. I chose to build a negative mould using 0.75" MDF board. The board itself is coated, but will more than likely be destroyed after the first casting without coating the boards with something to keep the water out. In this case, 2 coats of lacquer.

Concrete is strass under pressure, but brittle with any sort of flexing. So I used some foundation bolts and 16 gauge fencing for the internal structure that ended up buried in the mortar mix. The concrete sets in 24 hours and strengthens over time.

The bench top is 2" solid oak with cherry end caps. I have entirely decided how to finish the bench, probably just a few layers of polyurethane. The final piece weighs nearly 150 lbs. and measures 40"x16"x10", it will probably be finished with a few layers of polyurethane.

A Week in the Shop

It's been a disorienting several weeks, spending the last three weeks in LA, a few days in Chicago, now off to Detroit for Christmas. The best thing about Detroit though is my Dad and his wood shop. I've taken a dramatic interest in creating things more permanent than TV spots. I've got large ambitions for the week ahead and have swiftly dug into my first project, cutting boards.

After designing the piece the first thing you do is select the wood you'd like to work with. Given that we mill our own wood, our boards also needed planing to a uniform height, which in this case was 0.5".

I was using multiple techniques to bond Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut. To get a perfect seam, the edges need to be run through a Joiner before anything else was done. Once the wood was Joined, several pieces were ran through a finger-joiner jog on the router. Everything got a generous coating of Gorilla glue prior to clamping.

Once everything was properly glued, all the little knots and holes and dents were fileld with wood putty and sanded like hell. Knowing the boards were going to be used with food, I opted for organic first-press coconut oil as a final sealer.

The final product turned out well and since we used hand-milled wood we had the opportunity to put a lot of character into the boards that would have otherwise not been possible.


So my sweet, sweet, super-hot girlfriend got here Friday to spend the weekend and help me explore the city. We've had some great food at Amarone and Tar + Roses, hung out in Santa Monica and made sure to spend plenty of time sleeping in. Not to mention an afternoon at the beautiful Getty Museum. They had a bunch of Rembrandt's work on display. Mother-Fuckin-Master-of-Light.

Steady as She Goes

I can't really post anything specific, but I can tell you production is going swimmingly. These dudes are straight up geniuses. What I can post about is just how fantastic Santa Monica is. I'm running almost everyday before work, drawing and doodling most mornings and all sorts of other fun stuff. There's a ton of great found typography and street art and I even bumped shoulders with a palm tree overcoming the trials and tribulations of being born into some tough circumstances. There was even one crazy-huge car fire on the 405 one morning. Check it.

OTSC Toy Drive

Last week an opportunity came up to do a few posters for the Off The Street Club here in Chicago. The OTSC is a youth group organization that helps 3,000 kids a year find a safe and constructive use of their time. Every year the OTSC organizes a toy drive to help each of these children have a Christmas that might otherwise not exist. 

Working with two good friends of mine here at CK, CW Rich Black and AD John McKenzie, we came up with a way to show just how simple the dreams of these children must be. Then I went to town on the illustrations.

I illustrated these with a really simple, graphic style and the texture ended up in a great place, here's a little detail.

Teaching Jiu Jitsu

Today I went to class and there was some sort of issue with who Isaac had lined up to teach and I was the highest rank. Typically, we would just have an open rolling session or just bail, but with the school in such a state of flux, I felt it important to give the guys some direction. Julian, a fellow blue belt helped me remember all of the detail on Issac's open guard pass recovering to 1st Position.

I warmed the guys up well and taught them the details of the open guard pass from yesterday. I was surprisingly impressed with myself and how many details I was able to show the guys. Class went extremely well and I was very proud of myself :)

Backwards Me

Over the last few years, I've taken an interest in Halloween, specifically Halloween costumes. No reason in particular I suppose, but I have a few winners under my belt.

So this year I was looking to do the same. Enter my new beard. The beard I could never grow, but kind of always wanted. If one is so cool, well shit, 2 would be awesome. Anyways, mad props to the beard-trimmin'-berserker Jason Brady for slicing up a second place win in the annual CK Costume Contest.

Ryan Hall - Triangle from Back Mount

Today I went to jits for the Sunday morning class, which starts at 10:30 and is usually over around 12:30. Professor Isaac wasn't able to make it, so we had a purple belt instructing. We did a lot of warm up, drills and finished class with Shark Tank from stand up. A Shark Tank is the term for a match the class observes with the winner staying in as long as, well... They remain the winner.

Since we didn't work any specific technique, I'd like to share a really slick triangle from one of my favorite black belts – Ryan Hall. Ryan is one of the black belts at 50/50 jiu jitsu in the metro D.C. area. We have a similar build and his intellect, temperament and patience are something I really aspire to incorporate into my training philosophy as much as possible. Watch the video below to see why. And if that doesn't convince you, watch his performance at Grappler's Quest against the talented (and much larger) Hermes Franca.