Stiicks™ Kickstarter is live!

I've been working feverishly on a new product called Stiicks. Stiicks are 4 thin strips of American hardwood sourced and fabricated in Chicago, IL.

Each Stiick is embedded with several super-strong magnets that sandwich whatever you’re hanging firmly in between. Stiicks come in four standard sizes, but the great thing about a floating magnetic frame is that they can fit just about anything. Stiicks are finished with two coats of matte lacquer for a long-lasting and durable finish and include mounting hardware.

We're approaching 50% of our $8,000 funding goal in less than 3 days, which is fantastic. If you'd like to see the video or support the project, please visit this link.

More work

It's been a pretty insane year so far. I've had the opportunity to produce some really great work with some really great people. We just finished this spot earlier in this week and it goes live sometime next month. Introducing the Porsche Panamera hybrid.

Luna Corona, comin' in hot

I feel like I've been holding my breath for months. This Luna Corona board has been one of the most interesting projects I've ever been involved in. And now, it's live. We proved we had everything laced up tight last month and next week we're inviting the world to come see it happen again. 

We won Porsche. Again.

This Spring, Porsche Cars, North America went into review and CK made the decision to defend. Not a common decision among the agency world. Especially after having the account for 5+ years already. Throwing down on this pitch was pretty hellish, but our intimate knowledge of the brand along with the strategic direction baked into the work has won them over. This was more than a pitch, it's a win. Congratulations to everyone who hand in keeping this one here at CK.

Something awesome this way comes

Last week, myself and several highly-qualified-types (me not included) headed to the Big Apple to check on a new OOH insertion we had go up in the Meat Packing District on the corner of 9th Avenue and 15th Street right next to Chelsea Market. Truth be told, the billboard going up is only Act 1 of a pretty rad to-do we've got going on. I can't say much, but we've been in contact with MIT and some very intelligent folks in order to pull this one off. We even brought out a survey crew to pinpoint our locations down to the 0.001".

Ragnar Relay

The first weekend of June I'll be running the Ragnar Relay with a couple van-loads of colleagues from Cramer Krasselt. If you've never heard of the Ragnar Relay, it's a 200 mile relay race that typically consists of 12 team members. Each team has 2 vans, 6 people each. Runners 1-6 run 3-9 miles per leg, before trading off with runners 7-12 in van #2. Never mind running more or less a 1/2 marathon over 3 legs, the sleep deprivation and constant role switching within each van is enough to exhaust anyone.

I've done a few of these and the peace a serenity you'll find running in complete darkness covered by a sky full of stars is something to be remembered. Logistically speaking though, the team needed some tech shirts designed and printed for the race. And since CK is footing the entry fee, we thought it prudent to name our team, "Make friends  not ads." after CK's long-standing tagline. Not 100% my personal taste, but it seems to appeal to the team.

Introducing the Porsche Panamera Hybrid

This last week we shot the international launch spot for the Porsche Panamera Hybrid outside of Los Angeles. We've had the good fortune to enlist A-lister Peter Thwaites for the project and he hasn't disappointed one bit. In fact, he's the man. the spot is heavy in VFX and relies on sound design, but here's a few stills from the shoot.

Damn You Google !!!

A few weeks ago, mi amigo Kris "Charles Barkley" Kennedy and I were challenged with blowing the G.D. lid off a Corona OOH opportunity we have for a really great insertion in NYC. Two, stacked boards at the corner of Hudson + 15th in the Meat Packing District.

The ask was to help teach occasions as we make the transition from a literal beach to the mental beach Corona realistically has always been. We asked ourselves why such a cool insertion could only last for the 5-week buy and eventually landed on the idea below. Basically we wanted to let everyone know that a beach can exist anywhere, On an actual beach, in a bar – or even online. For much longer than 5 weeks. On such and such a date we'd throw a block party and on the top of our invite list, the Google Street View car to help those who found their beach live in infamy for a few extra months.

Spolier alert. Google said no :(


Reclaimed Beam Bench

This weekend Simone and I hauled a few hundred pounds of lumber to my Dad's wood shop in Detroit to get away for the weekend. On my agenda was the build of several prototypes to get Well Made up and running, most importantly the Beam Bench made from reclaimed lumber I picked up here in the Windy City. It's not quite done, but here's some process photos.

It's made from 100-year-old reclaimed Douglas Fir with 1.25" square steel stock flush fit to the beam. This particular bench measures 48"x18"x11" and will be on sale soon.

New Camera Gear

Over the last few months I've been acquiring a good amount of camera gear in an effort to become a little more flexible with the freelance work I've been getting. A long time coming is a new lens and a serious tripod upgrade.

I purchased the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 IS lens along with a Manfrotto 055X invertible tripod with the 322RC2 Pistol-grip head. OOO!!! Nerd boner.


More BTU Work

This week, one of my freelance clients came back to me to update their website. I had given their entire brand an overhaul late last Summer and now it seems time to get this little lady ready for prom. I've only just started to work through the details, but I'm thinking a slick little single-pager with some smooth JQuery transitions would be nice.