Damn You Google !!!

A few weeks ago, mi amigo Kris "Charles Barkley" Kennedy and I were challenged with blowing the G.D. lid off a Corona OOH opportunity we have for a really great insertion in NYC. Two, stacked boards at the corner of Hudson + 15th in the Meat Packing District.

The ask was to help teach occasions as we make the transition from a literal beach to the mental beach Corona realistically has always been. We asked ourselves why such a cool insertion could only last for the 5-week buy and eventually landed on the idea below. Basically we wanted to let everyone know that a beach can exist anywhere, On an actual beach, in a bar – or even online. For much longer than 5 weeks. On such and such a date we'd throw a block party and on the top of our invite list, the Google Street View car to help those who found their beach live in infamy for a few extra months.

Spolier alert. Google said no :(

Brandon Knowlden