Clockwork Jiu Jitsu

One of my favorite things about traveling for work is the jiuji academies I get to drop into. Today I visited Josh Griffith's Clockwork Jiu Jitsu Academy. I trained no-gi with a few dudes this morning, taking instruction from a really nice dude named Cisco. He mentioned he came up through the ranks at the Jungle Gym in the Bronx. The Jungle Gym has a great reputation and Cisco did well by his education. He showed a relatively simple, but very tight and technical butterfly guard sweep. This little fella seems a hair tricky to set up, but was really nice once the mechanics had been run through a few times. It's also necessary for your opponent to have one knee flat and, more importantly, one knee up. 

No-gi Butterfly Guard Sweep

Pretty much in starting positon, with your butt flat on the ground, leaning forward into a butterfly guard position, slide into your opponent. One foot needs to go ankle-to-ankle with your opponent while you grab his ankle pulling them toward you. I'll finish this post soon, gotta scoot muh boot.

Brandon Knowlden