Ahh... Production


Today I embark on the largest broadcast production I've ever been involved in. Panera Bread bought 4 :30's, a :60 and we're creating a behind the scenes video to document the entire thing. The cool thing about this creative is that it's for great people trying to do good in the world. Panera came to us knowing who they were and simply needed a beautiful and poignant way to tell it. I couldn't be more proud to have a significant part in winning the business and relaunching a brand with such integrity.

We were in LA for call-backs last month, but are now back for the meat-and-potatoes of this bitch. The first stop is a three -week stint in LA with one week of fabrication approval and two week shoot. We'll be spending the first week at the Casa  Del Mar, Hotel by the Sea. From there, we're on to the Mondrian in West Hollywood. CK is pretty strict when it comes to posting photos while on production, but I'll post something worth looking at soon.

Brandon Knowlden