Gracie Barra, Hollywood


This morning I had the pleasure of visiting Gracie Barra, Hollywood. I have been in LA for business since yesterday and really didn't want to lose the momentum I had going with training. The morning class was taught by a welcoming purple belt with two blue belts and a white belt to train with. We were doing some very basic throws when my knee scuffed across the ground and really, really aggravated it.

More importantly, while rolling with both blues, I drove right through there guard, mounting and sweeping without a lot of interference. I got swept a few rimes, but more out of courtesy, than getting out techniqued. When I was rolling with the white belt, I set up Ryan Hall's rolling back attack and went for it. Like a total newb I missed a detail and spoon fed homeboy my back. MY pride got a little in my way and I almost went out before I tapped. It was really fun to make such a huge mistake on someone else's turf. The instructor was watching and let me know exactly what I had done wrong, which was great. I had over-committed my leg and my opponent had his leg in the back of my knee, instead of the other way around. I'd love to dial in this move, it's really great and comes from a position i find myself in often.

I do have to say that the best part about training at GBH was the instructor waived the drop in fee, gave me a bottle of water and later texted me to see how I enjoyed my time. Class act guys, thanks for the roll!

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