The Proper Cross-choke


Today in class, Professor Isaac went over the proper technique for a cross-choke. Maybe I was a little went behind the ears when I first learned this move, but the level of detail he showed was something that I've never see on the move before. After that, we learned a really solid defense and a counter to the defense. All in a good days work.

Cross Choke – With your opponent in guard, break their posture using your legs as well as giving the backsides of their elbows a tug. Using a same-side grip, open the lapel to allow a very deep cross grip – palm up. Turn your elbow underneath their chin to open the neck for a palm-up grip under your other hand. Now, bring them forward using your legs and as you do, punch the ceiling with your fists, this is a key detail and will allow for a significantly tighter choke.

Today's Strengths

  • Honestly, not a ton. I hung in there, but was a bit of a rag doll.

Today's Weaknesses

  • I felt weak today, logically being my first day back in 3+ months and hitting it 2 days in a row.
  • I went to my back more than I should have, especially getting put there quickly by upper-level belts.

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