Mounted Cross Choke

Today's class was actually really great. I think I'm already getting back up to speed on what it takes to keep up. We worked repetition and positional control. There were 6 of us, so here was the rough warm up. 15 minutes of running drills. 10x# of people (60) - jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, lunges, and squats. We then drilled 50 armbars and 50 triangles before working a mounted cross choke. By the way, shown above is an S-mounted Cross Choke. Similar, but not exactly what we worked.

Mounted Cross Choke – From mount position, base both hands above your opponents heads and slide your knees into their armpits to assume high-mount. Using a same-side grip, open the collar and gather a cross grip with your palm up, making a fist and punching it to the floor. Take your free hand and reach across their face and place it on the mat for support. Bring your head to the mat to replace the support cerated by your hand. Slide your elbow underneath their chin, and scoop as you bring a palm-down grip to their shoulder, grabbing the gi. Turn your wrists in (perpendicular to 

After that I bounced between purple and white belts working position and rolling. I held ok against purple, but need to focus on maintaining stability in my base and staying heavy on top. The white belts were as fun as always to work whatever I wanted :)

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