Double Fist Throw


So today marks my first day back at Carlson gracie MMA since my 3+ month hiatus for marathon training. I ended up with the my most impressive marathon showing to date, but that still doesn't mean I'm in juji shape. Professor Isaac worked us tirelessly as usual. We went over what he called a "double fist throw", which seemed like a strangely colloquial moniker. Although quite a bit like the Seoi Nage throw pictured above, the throw is executed from the opposite side.

Double Fist Throw – From standing position with 50/50 grip, slide your grip from the elbow to the wrist. Release their collar and cup over the top of the wrist. As you look up, pull down in one motion to break the grip. From here, maintain wrist control and transition your top hand to grip the gi on their bicep.

You then move in a counter-intuitive motion, shooting their wrist above your head as you spin 180° with your foot straddling theirs as you load their weight on your hips before popping them skyward, drawing their hands toward you as they roll.

Recover to knee on belly.

Today's strengths:

  • Good posture, stayed aggressive and moved quickly.
  • Arm bars were on point, dropping into my lap like whoa.
  • Cardio is solid.

  • Today's Weaknesses:

  • Overall, muscle strength is low. Especially bear crawls.
  • Technique was sloppy, take downs were uncoordinated.
  • Jiu Jitsu, PlayBrandon Knowlden